What’s our obligation to live up to our reputation?

Best steak you'll ever eat in Miamni
One of the best steaks any of us have ever eaten – it lived up to it’s reputation (don’t we all)


Just last night, overheard a 60-year old at a nearby restaurant table talking about going to Mass everyday, and as if those that don’t, aren’t real believers.

Interest duly peaked. Ears listening in and out of his conversation, and the one at our table.

As he had a few more drinks, he began talking like a pirate, cursing, bad mouthing – yet having a glorious time.

No judging, yet surely taking notice and contemplating it all.

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  1. We are given so much at Mass to fortify ourselves and those around us in Christ. Ours for the taking. Best when shared. .

  2. Patty, the cursing and bad mouthing seemed the opposite of admirable for someone attending daily Mass.

    Maybe the devil was in his bottles.

  3. Patty, it seems that contradictory behavior (which we are all susceptible to) could be a leading reason many think Christianity is a joke.

  4. Jeff,

    I do believe you are right – amazingly how many people say they won’t darken the doors of a church because of the “hypocrisy” of those in it. The sad thing is that we all have, at some level, hypocrisy, whether you are in the church or not. You just have to hope that those who are in the church are there because they are trying to do something about it instead of using it to look down on others so they can feel better about themselves.

    And I am speaking about it from a perspective of growing up (my wife much more so than myself) in a legalistic environment where doing what “appeared” to be the more spiritual things externally meant more that a personal relationship with God internally.


  5. Bob, we all have blind spots (that’s how it got it’s name – blind spot).

    They frighten the hell out of yours truly.

    Writing, teaching, and observing provide much needed solace to know that there is much work to be done.

    Better to try and fail than not try.

    One of the keys to peace and contentment…. knowing we genuinely did our very best, inspire of our fears and inexperience.

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