Who Cares?

Never saw a knife ‘holder’ until last Friday in an Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia Bed & Breakfast. While it was very fancy, it reminds me of how we get distracted with needless things.

What percentage of your day do you worry about what others think of you?

What percentage of your day do you hesitate to do what you really think needs to be done?

It’s important to care, but when we care “too much” it actually, invisibly, and without consequence (which is dangerous), leads us down the path of unfulfilled responsibilities.

I am way too familiar with this. And you?

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  1. Knife holder…I think that is very cool….a craftsman created it to add to a fine dining experience…

  2. Kathy, it is very cool. Couldn’t agree more. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    And yet, my role is to challenge, question, help, disagree, envision, collaborate, fail, win, press on, and generally just think about things most don’t.

    So the thought was: one more thing to clean, store, remember where we put it, find room for, pay for, etc.

    I guess if you have servants, and a huge home, then it makes perfect sense to have these things. 🙂

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