Answered prayers often come disguised

Answered prayers often come disguised.

My goal isn’t to make him a runner.

My goal is to make him an adult.

An adult with a balanced approach to mind, body, spirit, work, and home.

Being on the Cross-Country team would cover all five boxes, with body leading the way, and mind and spirit a close second.

The unanswered prayer is that he keeps finding it plausible to return to practice.




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  1. I remember that challenge, and reaching the tipping point to love it.
    As a CC coach’s kid, I was forced to be on the team. It might have taken me a season of doing it. But, after that, I really looked forward to it. It actually became cathartic!

      1. It’s totally awesome that he’s being trained up to understand this as a life lesson. Well done! You’re a great example to not only your son, but other parents!

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