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God Rewards Humans With A Visual Feast And An Olfactory Feast

Love the smell of freshly cut grass. Smells the same in Tennessee as in Pennsylvania.

Few things smell more like God than a grassy field.

What does God smell like to you?

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By jeff noel

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12 replies on “God Rewards Humans With A Visual Feast And An Olfactory Feast”

For me, God smells like Morning Glories that have just bloomed out in the morning dew on an early summer morning.

For my wife, she jokingly says that God lives at the ocean, so the smell of the ocean on the beach is how she thinks God smells.

Bob, morning glories not only smell great, but what a great title for a (flower) smell!
And the ocean. As big, vast, deep, mysterious, and necessary as anything on Earth.

We used to have Morning Glories all over our field behind our house growing up. I always loved going out there in the mornings to see and smell them.

Well, my wife used to live in Hawaii at one time, so yeah, the ocean is a “God connection” for her!

AnnaRose and I discussed this on the walk to school yesterday. We both love the smell of freshly cut grass, but she thinks that God might smell like roses. I’m thinking cinnamon bread baking in the morning oven.

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