I Must Press On – We All Must

This one eats the ones that eat the seeds.

In it’s simplest form, life mirrors weather. Sometimes stunningly beautiful and perfectly comfortable. Other times, so stormy, we’re unsure what devastation the morning will bring.

Therefore, we must press on, all of us. Just as a farmer must plant, in spite of the birds.

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By jeff noel

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  1. David, maybe this is a God-incidence. I wrote today’s post 90 days ago. I thought the same thing because I saw your post first in my emails. Later,I go through my posts and look for typos or word omissions, etc. It was surreal…the timing.

  2. God-incidence. I LOVE that!

    And I forgot that you are writing these posts 90 days in advance. The dedication and determination are more than admirable.

    Press on brother!

  3. David, late last year a really bad Internet signal at home (for two weeks) planted the seed of “be prepared”. And when I say slow, it was like hit the enter key, go get a drink and come back and maybe the page was loaded. It nearly killed me psychologically. Seriously, that’s barely an exaggeration.

    Still writing five different blogs each day, but on weekends, I’ll write even more. Yes, challenging. Most mission work is.

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