What Type Of Life Would You Have To Lead To Have A Christian Life Center Named After You?

A few days ago in Pulaski, Tennessee, on the Martin Methodist College campus..

Out for a morning run before giving a day-long speech (to change the world), this sign had me wondering.

What type of life would a person have to lead, to have a Christian Life Center named after you?

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  1. Jeff,

    That definitely is a thing that, to the person of Robert E. Curry, had to have been a humbling thing.

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to my home state!


  2. Wonder (couldn’t find out on Google) if he was dead or alive when the honor came.

    Totally enjoyed the visit. Passionate people pursuing passionate goals. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

    The drive from Nashville to Pulaski was amazing. Took me back to growing up in south-central Pennsylvania, with the farms, hills, fields, wildflowers, smells, hospitality, etc.

  3. Jeff,

    You know, I did the same thing, trying to find out more about him. All I know is that the college I went to played against Martin in the NAIA in sports.

    I am glad you enjoyed the drive down from Nashville – I love that area. You were only about 2 hours from my hometown!


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