How can you not?

drawing in the sand
This is a finger drawing of Mid Life Celebration’s five big choices: mind, body, spirit, work, home.

How can you not pause each morning for one or two minutes, on your knees, to center your spiritual core?

Thank God you recognized how grateful you were those first mornings at home…

Awaken, kiss Cheryl, walk down the hall to our four-day old son’s room, kiss his head, drop to my knees and give thinks to God for the miracle of parenthood.

Our son’s first three days were in a hospital room.

Every morning it was the same.

Wouldn’t start prolific blogging for another nine years.

Maybe it was those 18-years of daily dropping to the knees, walks down the hall to kiss our son’s head – maybe that was the catalyst for prolific daily blogging.

Maybe the daily, never-missing-a-day routine was (is) simply a manifestation of personal growth in being present.

Present every day.

All day.


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By jeff noel

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