Live like you mean it

Making mistakes is the gateway to wisdom

Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree
Taking photos has been a joy since i was six years old.


Magic Kingdom Christmas decorations
Somewhere in the vicinity of 8:05am yesterday.


Magic Kingdom Cast Member window on Main Street
The Cast Member dedicated window for every CM that ever was, is now, or ever will be.


Casey's Corner at Magic Kingdom
Casey’s Corner…what is that up ahead?


Magic Kingdom Christmas parade filming
Disney Christmas parade filming songs in different languages.


i’ve told Chapin (15) to make as many mistakes now (before moving away) as he can – and have the help and support from us. The caveat is that he can’t do anything hurtful, immoral, unethical, etc. For example, ask someone out who might say no, take a risk, get involved, speak up, stand out, blend in, don’t get involved, play it safe, etc, etc…everything comes with choices and consequences…some we will regret doing and many we will regret not doing – learn to overcome fear, create effective (and maybe efficient) decision making processes, etc, etc.




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