Manifest Destiny By Josh Brooker

Josh, Mission Accomplished
Josh, Mission Accomplished

Today we have a story from Josh Brooker, and he is the 21-year old middle son of long-time friends of ours.

Brian Brooker, Josh’s Father, and the two other brothers took a cross-country road trip this summer. And Josh produced a captivating video documentary. The production, narration, music, editing – a stunning artist expression of Manifest Destiny.

If you have 16 minutes to allow yourself to be taken on a youthful, entertaining, and profoundly insightful look at dreams and age-old questions, and want to take a trip down memory lane when, at 21, you yourself had these same dreams and questions, then click here.

Before you decide to click away, I didn’t mention – this is award-winning cinematography and storytelling. At nine minutes into Josh’s manifesto, I began to get teary-eyed. I’m not making this recommendation lightly, and I understand your insane schedule.

You will thank (me) Josh later, but only if you have the self-discipline to slow down, take a deep breathe, and watch.

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  1. Jeff,
    Thanks so much for posting Josh’s masterpiece. I never get tired of watching it. Each time I do I come to appreciate more and more the magnitude of what we did this summer. And for Josh to capture it the way he did is amazing. As you said in your email, I am truly blessed. A Christian brother of mine encouraged me to go on this “Rite of Passage” with my sons while I still had the chance and he was right. We will all never forget this summer. Most of all thank you to my sons for allowing me; just for a moment, to be 20 again!

  2. Brian, I truly believe, from my artistic vantage point that what Josh did is a masterpiece.

    And then there’s you, Navajo Dad, what you did with Jordan, Josh and Matt, and when you did it, is also a masterpiece.

    So why did you pick 20? Picking 21 would have made you legal in every state.

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