Live like you mean it

No one builds a reputation on their intentions

Homemade stir fry
Yesterday morning i didn’t tell Cheryl i was making stir fry for dinner. Instead, i texted a photo at dinner time.


A person who is well has no need for a physician. Was reminded shortly after waking this morning that Jesus came to help the poor in spirit.

In a hard-to-explain way, i write to do the same thing.

Our son (15) began blogging again last night after a two-year hiatus. But first he deleted every post he wrote since 2008. i told him not to announce that “I’m blogging again, blah, blah, blah”.

Rather, i suggested that he write, and at some point in the future announce it.

Don’t tell us what you’re gonna do. Tell us what you’ve done.

No one builds a reputation on what they’re gonna do.




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