Owning our leadership moments

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In our daily walk, is not every step the opportunity, the obligation, to own our leadership moments?

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  1. Yes. Customer service is always job 1. For the customer deserves the best at the start and at the end of the day. From the office manager right down to the lady that answers the phone.

      1. Patty and Jeff,

        I actually had a rather disheartening conversation yesterday with someone in my company. The person is trying to fill a position and said, “I don’t need customer service. I need accounting. We don’t DO customer service anymore.” She may not, but that’s my primary focus, and we have the same job title! If you do right by the customers, the other parts come into place a lot more easily. The issue is that she doesn’t like people or dealing with customers, so she plans to hire someone who doesn’t deal well with customers either.

        I was really bothered by the comments, as you can imagine.


        1. Bob, first thought, serenity prayer. Be amazing at what you can control. If you have influence over this situation, do it. If not, channel your energy into being the brightest light you can possibly be.

          That’s not advice, it’s just the first thought.

          It’s what i’ve learned to do.

          There are far too many dumb things happening in the corporate world.

          1. Jeff – your first thought sounds like good advice to me. 🙂

            Thanks for reminding me!

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