What is impossible, if not conquering the impossible?

Jack the Bear and the giant snowball
I will always be tempted to complain about the cold


What would happen to us if we never complained about anything ever again?

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  1. We would have a greater sense of peace. We would stop looking at the imperfections in our lives and focus more on the perfections of our Savior. We might fully embrace what it means to be content.

  2. David, thanks for stopping by. And for contributing to the conversation.

    Are you in that place, working on it, or haven’t yet gotten started?

  3. I would think that as I approach another milestone (50) a month from today that I would be more at peace than I was yesterday. But I find that I’m not content. My body, my health, my devotions to God and family have not been in the right order. I am a work in progress. 🙂

  4. Appreciate your authenticity (honesty) in sharing that.

    The vision for the book was to help a young man (now only 13) think about the future.

    And to be crystal clear with him that everything is a choice.

    And that we are in charge of them.

    And that our choices have outcomes.

    And we are never locked into bad or good choices.

    However, we will develop habits.

    And to be really, really intentional about which habits we create (and avoid).

    Wishing you nothing but the best.

    Have read the book 16 times since its been in print.

    Each time it is more inspiring, more validating, more important.

  5. Oops. Hit enter too soon.

    So I turn to your blogs for inspiration. I thumb through the pictures I’ve taken during my trips to WDW. And now I have your book in my computer bag so I’m never far from it.

    Can’t wait to share with you how I’m sharing your book with others.

  6. David, my daughter is starting a book club with Jeff’s book being first. Would you be so kind to share with me also how your sharing the book with others when you are ready? Thanks to both of you for just being here to share thoughts.

  7. David, sounds like a labor of love. In the giving you will receive. How cool is that! We know this.

    And it’s fun and fulfilling to witness.

    God is so good like that.

    And if there’s anything you need from MLC, holler.

  8. Donna, the wheels have been turning big time, even though you all can’t see it or feel it.

    Am brainstorming an announcement – to make a push to promote the book on Valentine’s Day.

    The day of Love. A book written with Love.

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