Are Hyper-Thinkers Worthy Of Forgiveness?

Everyone is worthy of forgiveness. Even me. Even you.

Are hyper-thinkers forgivable? I sure hope so. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a long day (week, month, year, life…).

PS. Bill Clinton’s good works allow us to forgive him right? What if it was a school teacher, or a bus driver, or a nurse that did what he did? Then what?

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  1. In my humble opinion what allows us to forgive anyone else on earth regardless of whether they solve world peace or keep Main Street swept is the fact they are loved by God and deserving of His love. And God has seen to it that forgiveness is a two edge blessing for the donor as well as the receiver. Healing both parties.

  2. Patty, agreed. And I believe, from personal experience and observation, that the greatest motivating factor we can harness is knowing we will become either a great example or a terrible warning for those closest to us (children).

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