Beat our chests with perfect Church attendance or walk

Mid Life Celebration book dedication
Matters little to walk to do our preaching if not our walking is the preaching


Beat our chests with perfect Church attendance or walk humbly with every step?

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By jeff noel

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4 replies on “Beat our chests with perfect Church attendance or walk”

But what if you go to church to humbly receive the Word and Gift that saves rather than bragging rights? I know my girls don’t agree, but receiving the Eucharist and celebrating in a community, even as out of town sleep deprived visitors, re supplies inner strength, reminds me of His love so I strive to love others. No bragging. Just grateful thanks for a God that forgives.

Patty, perfect Church attendance is noble,when it is done for the reason(s) you describe.

In a busy, distracted world we may see the target with the wrong intent. Or believe showing up is enough.

If we really want to keep score, let us count every step.




Maybe not. 🙂

Patty, people don’t intentionally set out to do this. This is linked to complacency, habit, social norms, busy schedules, skewed priorities, co-dependence, and a host of other things.

It is the same way we neglect our health.

The same way we let our passion for life slowly die.

The notion that we poison our souls slowly we never notice….

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