Does being a softy make us vulnerable or indomitable?

Walking dead book display
See the theme, and this is in a game store (seriously)


Does being a softy make us vulnerable or indomitable?

Showing our soft side. Isn’t that what the Dalai Lama calls compassion?

Isn’t that forgiveness, humility?


Self awareness?

Desire to live outside of hate and bitterness?

Focus and discipline to polish our rough edges?

Be the change we wished we’d see?

Sure seems so.

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  1. Jeff,

    It definitely does go against the grain, so to speak, of what society teaches. It changes the focus of “I want my wants and needs met first and only” to “how does this impacts others.” Gee, I think that’s also the basis for servant leadership.


  2. Bob, life is complicated and it’s not.

    We have to figure this out for ourselves.

    Because of the degree of difficulty (mostly from society’s constant distractions), many never figure this out.

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