Ever think like this?

Disney author jeff noel
Writing last night at Magic Kingdom, Day 100. Moments later, the woman in green sat on the step behind me (where the camera sat to take this photo.)


Little did i know the self-timer would catch the 86-year old woman (in green) as i was chronicling Day 100 of an impossible one-year writing challenge.

We spoke for 15 minutes and several times i mentioned i must leave to make the short trip home for dinner with my Family.

Even mentioned having an annual pass to add context for why anyone would leave Magic Kingdom at 7pm on a Friday night.

Later last night, the realization that not once did she ask anything about me.

When we age, do we become self-centered? Do we become lonely?

This brief experience is an opportunity to question ourselves and look in the mirror. Are we more like, or unlike, her?

Does it even matter?


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