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Who will keep lookout and warn you so there are no surprises?

Perhaps compulsive, or spot on, it depends who’s judging. But one thing Boy Scouts learn early is, “Be Prepared”.

Further prayer is required when the heat is turned up. And very often, the heat is turned up so gradually, we fail to notice.

And then, without warning, people are asked to leave their organization. With no Plan B, they feel God has abandoned them.

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  1. I’m hearing another Jeff Noel saying, “If you’re not close to God, guess who has moved?” along with another bible quote that goes something like, “Why worry? Doesn’t God take care of the birds of the air? Why do you think He won’t take care of you?”

    When one door closes, a window opens. There are blessings in all situations; even the darkest ones. For God is always there. A dear friend of mine, Karen Low, her husband, Frank, had brain cancer. On occasion his Pastor would take him for chemo. One day sitting in a crowded somber waiting room, a very sick Frank leaned over to Bruce and said, “You should witness to these people about accepting Jesus as their personal Savior.”

    Bruce’s response, “Frank, you’re killing me.”

    I heard this story seven years ago at Frank’s Memorial service. And yes, the church erupted into gales of laughter. It has buoyed me ever since.

  2. Jeff,

    I agree – what an unexpected story to start the day! Thanks, Patty!

    When I was reading your blog, I was thinking, “I feel like this could be a companion guide for the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” Jeff – spot on!


  3. Be prepared, like carpe diem, works on people’s nerves because it can come off cliche-ish. But the point of repetition is to ingrain the thinking into automatic behavior.

    The end result? A person that wakes up everyday feeling good about handling, and often, attacking, the day.

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