Is it conceited or devilish to say you are ready and can relax?

farmer stuff?
Farmers know after the hard work is done, rest is the reward.


Last night the same thought played like a broken record, “Not enough time for Church in the morning, too much to do.”

Three days away from Christmas.

How can we not go?

How is it even possible to contemplate?

Holiday stress?

Or a feeling of decent compromise because the hay is already in the barn?

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  1. Patty, thank you for your comment. It is a great one for thinking differently.

    In a traditional context, we should attend Church regularly.

    Looking back, and even this very moment, one may accept Church as every moment of every day.

    Every moment of every day.

    When we learn to forgive ourselves and can feel a peace and contentment that our God is well pleased, we are in a place of immeasurable blessings.

    With each passing day, we get one day closer to the second coming.

    Live life so that we are fully prepared, even it this third most magnificent day arrives just after lunch.

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