It would be easier to not volunteer at Church

a short reading doesn’t mean an easy reading

It would be easier to not volunteer at Church. Children’s Liturgy once a month, Lector twice a month. Add work travel, small business startup, exercise, home ownership, father, husband… So yeah, it would be much easier to not volunteer at Church.

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  1. Better yet, won’t it be better to skip out on all Sunday commitments. After all with a busy work and home schedule don’t we deserve a day of total rest?

    Of course, I’m joking. I can’t imagine skipping the Good Word, the shared prayer, the Eucharist. Nor would I skip out on religious Ed. All great examples of giving and ultimately receiving.

  2. Patty, hearing you loud and clear.
    We must coach and lead ourselves by whatever (ethical, moral) means possible.
    As crazy as your writing a blog post every day for eight, going on nine years?
    Writing it down is powerful.
    And sharing it for the world to attack or agree, exponentially increases our self awareness and conviction.
    Thank you for so faithfully being part of this community.

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