My God, help me please (thank you in advance)

Cameron Stambaugh
Cameron Stambaugh, a TRUE American Hero

My God, help me please. Writing today’s post on a plane. Incredibly distracted by the woman typing next to me. Even Bose headphones won’t drown her rapid, loud typing. But you see, a high school classmate’s son just returned from Afghanistan, sadly, in a coffin.

The stupid little things that annoy us are really nothing. Really.

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  1. Jeff, I’m so sorry to hear about Cameron. It just makes me so sad — the terrible price of war. Prayers for his family and friends … I’d like to share this post on my Blue Star Banner facebook with your permission.

  2. Natalie, absolutely feel free to share. Two nights ago at our 35th HS reunion, Mitch (Cameron’s Father) and I shared the joy of being Fathers and the sadness of living in a cruel world.

    Prayers unceasing for every parent, grandparent, relative, and friend of all military personal, active, retired, civilian, and anyone else who puts their life in harms way so we can sleep in peace at night.

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