People want more than hearsay and mystery

leading Authorities Speaker's Bureau


Small business revenue check


Leading Authorities took 25% and sent the rest. The client paid $16k to hear him speak.

He deposited the check yesterday.

People want more than hearsay and mystery. It literally kills him to make this public, yet nothing proves a point better than proof.

Reminder: This is the first revenue after six years of building and spending. Nothing was ever guaranteed.

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  1. Congrats. Very well deserved. A lot of hard work for a long time is wrapped up in that one piece of mail. Nice to have that picture to refer back some day and reflect.

    On a side note, I noticed in the picture that the PO sprayed two different barcodes on your mail piece. One appears to be up side down. That is very telling, was this mail piece on time or slightly delayed? The norm is just one pass. Forgive me, it’s just in my bulk mail blood 🙂

    1. Thanks Donna. Watched a 24-minute commencement speech by John Lasseter last night. There’s a mantra (among many mantras) within Pixar of “Fail Faster”.
      There’s a camp that will say what i posted here is boastful.
      Another camp that could care less either way.
      And a camp cheering the guts they know it takes to put yourself out there. Thanks for being in that camp.
      Right, wrong, or indifferent, the only way for me to gauge how it feels to trust my gut (with a decent chance of spectacular failure) is simply to do it.
      Embarrassment and labeling are side effects of failure.
      Learning to live with that and do things anyway is the path to freedom.

      1. That’s why we enjoy your blogs. John Lassiter, that had to be pretty awesome!!!

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