The Effort Required To Live In Our World Without Wisdom Seems Disproportionate To The Effort Required To Gain Wisdom

jeff noel is perfectly imperfect (just like everyone else)

The effort required to live in our world without wisdom seems disproportionate to the effort required to gain wisdom. The effort to gain wisdom is indeed, significant. Yet the effort to live without wisdom seems so overwhelming that we would never allow it to happen.

But, indeed, we do. Sad.

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  1. Yes, and…wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from making mistakes. When we pray, if we are silent long enough, many things are illuminated before us. But we must wait, watch, listen, learn. Have an awesome weekend, Natalie.

  2. It’s always a good trick to be still before the Lord. I get awfully distracted and off topic. Thankfully His grace covers even that, and He hears our prayers in spite of ourselves. Thanks Jeff. You have a wonderful weekend too.

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