The Facebook Messenger note had the seed of death

Disney Business books
Disney Business books fill some of my shelves.

When we are at our best, we are unafraid of death.

When are we at our best and when do feel this way?



A week ago, the Facebook note was sent to nine people in messenger…the first people that came to mind in sharing the news.

i was in that group.

The message said that a dear Disney Institute colleague was “very sick” in the hospital.

First glance made it sound bad but not terminal.

My take leaned to terminal.

So i reached out to someone in our group i thought knew the most.

i , unfortunately, was correct.

In a matter of days, the Disney Institute (from the early 2000’s) group has grown to 40+.

Most of us will see each other in two days at her funeral.

At some point, our daily efforts should slowly and steadily begin our preparation for our exit.

We’re in charge of this and it ain’t no secret.

Too busy, right?

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