Unusually peaceful accidents

Disney Speaker Jeff Noel with comedian Michael Jr.
Couldn’t stop smiling while Michael Jr and i talked in Louisville. Challenged him to take a photo without smiling. Held this pose for 1/2 a second before laughing.

Unusually peaceful accidents may feel like serendipity, karma, answered prayers, etc.

Un-peaceful accidents may feel like torture, unfair, painful, etc.

Accidentally became addicted to alcohol at a young age. Alcoholism never has a happy ending, even though it lasts a lifetime.

Accidentally conquered alcohol addiction December 31, 2001.

By accidentally, please understand there were many attempts to quit, including three “No, this time a REALLY mean it!” attempts. So when it happened for good, it felt more like luck, not something summoned at will.

The drug-free peace you carry every step of every day makes the buzz from alcoholism feel like a prison sentence – lonely, trapped, worthless.

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