November 2009

Disney Pixar UP

Disney Pixar Movies Are Masterpieces
Disney Pixar Movies Are Masterpieces

We watched the new Disney-Pixar movie, UP many months ago. At the time, my son and I for only the second time. My wife, her first.

In the beginning scenes, you see the life of Mr. Frederickson and his wife Ellie.

There is one scene, I knew if I looked over at Cheryl, she’d be looking over at me. Only people changed by infertility would be touched in a profound way during that scene.

The Frederickson’s couldn’t become parents.

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There was a lot in that first 15 minutes that grabbed sensitive hearts. I remember sitting in the theater with my family, my heart in my throat, when my youngest grabs me and whispers, “Mom is crying.” I looked over, and sure enough, she was displaying how I was feeling. Powerful introduction.


Thanks Bob. Our comments make me want to watch it again. I’ve said it more than once that Up may be the new favorite.

Hard to top Cars, WALL-E, Toy Story, Nemo, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Monsters, Bug’s Life.

But UP might just do it.

Well, in eight days, this could all change.

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