Will Passion Transform You?

Will it? Can it? Should it?

Is it worth it? Is it worth it to you? Is it worth it to others?

Does it make a difference? Does it even matter?

Wouldn’t it be easier to live quietly, to live simply. Humbly?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m going to offer you the opportunity to jump over to jungle jeff, where I also wrote a blog post about Transformational Passion.

Bottom line, in my opinion, passion can, should and will transform you. And others around you.

It will not make anyone perfect, but it will make everyone better. Who doesn’t want that?

By jeff noel

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  1. Dear Jeff,

    I have been following your discussion about passion with great interest, as it goes down a similar road that I take my students down in my Principles of Leadership class. You are dead-on! Who wants to follow a leader who is not passionate about the journey, the goal, or the vision? If followers can see how the passion has transformed the leader (or rather, provided unwavering focus), it does have a tendency to then, in turn, transform them! Passion is contagious!

    So if this is something that is hard for someone to grasp, try following a leader who has the antithesis of passion…apathy. Now that is definitely a disaster waiting to happen.

    Thanks for this discussion!


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