What does humanity gain by not changing?

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University of Iowa, a few years ago. Invited back again and again because of the ability to help them .think .differently

Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice. – Bob Goff

Read this on LinkedIn yesterday.

It stopped me.

i thought for a few minutes and then had to type this train of thought…

i agree with Bob.

But betting i differ on where “most people” would find enough generous love and acceptance.

In the mirror.

Love and acceptance is an inside job.

The Internet (or a library) offers unlimited learning. Somewhere along human evolution, we’ve neglected teaching our youth the power of the growth mindset and personal accountability for our mind, body, spirit, work, and home.

We shun this opportunity during public and private education.

And thus send generation after generation into adulthood, and parenting, only to perpetuate our current reality.

We may assume that we, ourselves, have also been sent into adulthood unprepared, because our parents were sent out unprepared.

As a misfit, i’m simply a dad that recognizes the much is and decided to break the chain.

In a perfect world, Son, you will be much better at this than i have been.

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