What’s the ulterior motive for givers?

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What’s the ulterior motive for givers?

What’s the ulterior motive for anyone?

Odds are much greater the giver’s motives are good and decent.

Odds much lower the taker’s motives are good and decent.

Why then would anyone question the giver?

Because history has revealed some really selfish givers. No?

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch?

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  1. Jeff,

    And the thing is that people don’t necessarily question the gift at all…but the past behavior of the giver and the past strings that have been attached to prior gifts. There’s the motives coming into question. And realistically, that becomes the mindset for a lot of people toward any gift and/or giver, whether it is true or not.

    That’s one of the reasons I remind my son, who has been doing street ministry with his youth group at church in downtown Atlanta helping the homeless, that people are often going to suspect you want something in return. Give, expecting nothing in return, anyway. And do it anonymously, if possible, so there is no question about your motive and you can’t become boastful in your actions. Let your reward be in Heaven.


  2. Bob, most of us will not be consciously aware of the transformational change that a wakeup call potentially brings.

    If we ever thought about preparing to die… getting all our affairs in order so we can do and say the things we feel are most important… any form of ulterior motive is mute.

    None of those motives matter, because death is around the corner.

    Who cares about material things, or titles, etc?

    No one who is counting their days.

    If we could live like that without a sense of eminent death, how glorious would that be?

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