Before saying something when you are emotional, count to 100 (days)?

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Will there be grandchildren without a grandfather?


Dear Son, today’s message comes from a broken and confused heart. It was written Sunday, January 27, 2013…

Spent hours today tweaking (and rehearsing) tomorrow’s speech for 800 execs at Orange County Convention Center.

When the keynote is over, they’ll think so differently about common sense they’ll feel like their business (and their life), moving forward, will never again be the same.

Bold can seem arrogant, even when it shouldn’t. It can also be deemed the single best option to deliver world class results.

The audience is expecting amazing!

It’s my responsibility to bring it!

On a side note, earlier this morning, the two (really long) readings to 1,000 parishioners brought unsolicited feedback, from our Head Pastor and others. Awkward. God’s Holy Spirit to be praised, not me.

And then quickly to Children’s Liturgy, the 20 (very small group this morning) precious K-5th graders refreshed my Family’s hope, which was severely strained a few days ago.

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