Everyone is going through a hell no one knows about

How much money do you need, and where do you need to go to get new experiences? At 21, i left Pennsylvania on a bicycle with $75 cash and no credit cards and no checkbook. Saw many things, places, and people outside of my Pennsylvania hometown.


There is a great equalizer in life.

You’ve probably heard of the prince (“rich”) and the pauper (“poor”).

Here’s the equalizer, no matter your place in society…

Everyone is going through a hell no one knows about.


Excuses are simply a crutch to justify feeling stuck.

You don’t have to hold on to a dream you think you’re supposed to have.

Seriously, i had $75 to my name and traveled 1,100 miles through nine states – on a bicycle.

In my opinion, the person’s comment in the photo is either trolling-bait for a reaction or an excuse to justify not taking risks.

Creativity is your gift to modify, challenge, and raise your expectations.

PS. As a bonus, another no-cost option: talk to everyone you meet…on the bus, on the sidewalk, in line at the store, in the library, etc, etc….you don’t even need to travel to get diverse perspectives.


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