For every million

man taking pictures in the mountains
Average hundreds of photos and videos daily while in the mountains. Or anyplace wild. Bad things rarely happen to people in the wild, but they do happen. Same in an HOA.

For every million dollars over the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) one-million dollar policy, it’s easy to figure out the financial liability.

$10,000.00 for each million dollars owed the defendant(s).

If the HOA is sued for $3,000,000, then the HOA must cover the two-million dollars the policy doesn’t cover.

Now, each lot owner’s liability increases to $20,000.00

In a litigious world, being sued for $10mil, or $20mil, could happen.

Let’s play out the lower $10mil scenario.

This is $90,000.00 per lot to cover the nine-million not covered by HOA insurance.

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