Just when you think you know a lot about life, what happens?

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Just when you think you know a lot about life, what happens?

Life lets you know you are still a punk.

Sadness and numbness fill the space.

We weren’t ready for a lesson this tough.

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  1. The tough lessons bring the greatest blessings. I truly believe this. They have to. Otherwise how could we go on without God’s great love.

  2. Patty, just received word five minutes ago that a Parishioner’s young niece (10) who’s fought a very rare cancer (since she was four) has been told there’s nothing more the doctors can do and she has been sent home by ambulance.

  3. Devastating and heartbreaking. I’m so sorry and will remember this brave young lady and her family in my prayers at Mass.

    It makes no earthly sense why God is calling this one home so early. Will the blessings be in the out pouring of God’s love physically and emotionally extended on this earth through others? Will by helping this poor family inspire someone to in turn help another? And then another? Has this wonderful child’s fight inspired others to fight on as well?

    I don’t have these answers. I cry at heartbreak, loss and disappointment faster than anyone I know. I have tears in my eyes now. And still I know through it all God never leaves our side. Never.

  4. Patty, thanks for sharing openly and honestly. We are all praying for a divine miracle, with the faithful belief that God’s will will be done. And in that we strive for solace.

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