The biggest reason why Christianity gets a bad rap from some

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One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch, or does it?

Christianity is such a lofty aspiration – to be a good and decent person all the time.

Yet we are flawed individuals. Every last one of us.

Weirdly, and inappropriately, we expect Christians (or Muslims, etc) to be perfect.

There in lies the negative stereotype dilemma.

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  1. Jeff,

    I do agree with you. It is like I commented here there other day…people are looking to see if we (the standard bearers for Jesus) have a flaw in our armor. We know we do – we aren’t perfect. But we should be striving to live like Christ. But people on the outside can pick up on a flaw (or even a perceived flaw that possibly isn’t) in a heartbeat and scream, “hypocrite!” That’s why the Bible encourages us to walk “circumspectly,” not in our own strength, but in His. The takeaway is that those who want an “out” for not believing in Christ are looking for a flaw in us to say, “See there – that’s why I don’t believe.”

    Patty is right on target – so thankful for God’s unconditional love for me in spite of my flaws.


  2. Bob, even as they hated Him, we were advised that the hatred would be also directed at us.

    A cross that must be born.

    Gladly. Gratefully. Joyfully.

    For try as we might to be perfect (like Christ) we will fail.

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