We go through our days one at a time and they add up

Delta Bessborough Hotel Saskatoon
Fresh snowfall each day, and well below freezing


Delta Bessborough Hotel Saskatoon
The sun is almost down for the day and am just arriving…


We go through our days one at a time and they add up.

One year is 365 of them.

We think this math will go on and on for a long time.

Last night received word a high school classmate and his son were in a car accident.

Sam, 27, married with a young daughter, was tragically lost. Keith was airlifted to Oahu in critical condition.

Was best man at Keith’s wedding a week after we graduated high school in 1977.

What does this wake up call do and to whom is it intended?

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  1. Patty, nothing s wasted. We either believe that or we don’t.

    God is never wrong.

    A test we’d all like to pass, but few want to take.

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