What is Churchless?

The book Churchless
Yesterday on the flight from LAX to Orlando.


What is Churchless and why is there such a word?

What happens when someone dares to challenge the status quo? You know, to walk away from Church.

What happens when leaders experience a generation, or multiple generations, who lack a clear, concise, and compelling vision and purpose?

People leave the Church because it no longer feels relevant to them.

Remember Sunday, September 16, 2001?

It sure was relevant then. Remember?

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  1. I remember the churches were open during the evenings for gathering and prayer. And our parish was quite full. We needed to be there.

    Now most Masses are celebrated with very few in attendance. It’s quite sad. And honestly, I miss a week here and there.

    Some say, they don’t feel ministered to at our parish. Understandable. But really, it’s all about getting recharged. Allowing the One who loves you more to comfort you. It’s a gift we control our own access to.

    It goes back to the question, “If you don’t feel close to God, who moved?” The answer is never God.

    1. Patty, most Churches had parking issues that first Sunday after 9/11.

      And many ‘regular’ Church goers complained about the challenges in finding a parking space.

      Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had this ‘problem’ every Sunday?

  2. Jeff,

    Like you and Patty, I also remember the packed churches the week following September 11th. I saw people even in my own office who never went to church go to noonday prayer services at the local churches by the office during their lunch breaks. There was a true sense of relevance then (it trended much like the concept of praying – people tend to call on God when there is a need but neglect to call on Him when things are perceived to be going okay).

    Churches who are getting people to believe they are relevant are doing everything they can to minister to ever age group at their individual levels. But in the end, it has to do with the heart of the individual. Does the person believe God is relevant? That goes much deeper than any church or parish’s four walls.


    1. Bob, thanks for weighing in.

      While each person is the CEO of You, Inc, there is still a fundamental concept of a tribe or pack leader. Someone who the others look up to because of their courage and conviction.

      Without this catalyst, humans lose their edge to care, because the pressures of the real world facilitate excuses for not investing the time and energy.

      Same thing happens with exercise, nutrition, and rest.

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