99 To 1

The Shepherd leaves the 99 to find the 1. Asked to include a lost and dying soul, Larry, in my prayers, this request is now extended out to all of you.

Years ago, Larry’s Father went for a walk. He was found five days later in the woods, hanging from a tree. Ever since, Larry has battled alcoholism, and is currently homeless.

And now, Larry is dying of Liver cancer, and does not know Jesus. My friend has known Larry since 1973, and hopes upon hope to return this lost sheep to the flock before the wolves take him.

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  1. Bob and Patty, 99 to 1 is a very challenging concept to wrap our arms around. Drop everything and rescue that one? What about the other 99? And so it goes…time marches on. Thank you for what you do to help make the world a little nicer.

  2. Jeff,

    Just remember that in the analogy used in the Bible, the 99 the Shepherd left were safe – they were not currently in danger. He left the 99 who were safe to go after the 1 who had was in danger. Or to use another metaphor, 99 were on the road, while one went off on a detour.

    Thank goodness He came and found me when I was in danger and didn’t know how to get back.


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