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Do You Thank God For The Wrong Turns In Your Life?

Driving through Nova Scotia last month, we passed this…

To get to this…

And we finally saw what caused the traffic backup.

A wrong turn out of the Halifax airport added 15-20 minutes to our trip. Only 20 cars back before traffic stopped. Maybe those 20 minutes saved our lives.

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4 replies on “Do You Thank God For The Wrong Turns In Your Life?”

My friend was at first upset about the detour – not too bad because we were following GPS. We had no av check that night, so our pace was unrushed, and I told him, no worries. Seemingly insignificant moments to count as miracles.

Now, where’s the miracle in the accident that happened? I don’t know. Maybe everyone survived? Maybe it caused a heavy-texter to stop, thus avoiding a future crash involving many children. I don’t know.

I stopped believing in coincidences and accidents in life long ago. There seems to be a reason for just about every little thing that happens to us. The chance meetings, the delays, the wrong turns often make sense in hindsight.

Now I don’t know if I’d say these same benign statements if something horrible happened to one of my kids. Quite sure that I’d be ranting and raving and pounding on heaven’s door for some straight answers…

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