God does not hurry

Sanibel Island sea shell closeup photo


One day at a time is as fast (and as slow) as we can go.

Do not pray for things to happen faster, simply pray for them to happen.

God will direct the appropriate speed.

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  1. Jeff,

    God’s timing is one of the most frustrating things for people (myself included). It isn’t that we are frustrated with God as much as we think we know what the right timing is, and oftentimes it doesn’t run in line with God’s. But His timing is perfect. That makes ours…well, not perfect. And sometimes we don’t see why His is perfect until a lot further down the road, and sometimes we may never see, this side of Heaven.

    I am saying all of that for myself as a reminder to myself, because I need the reminder. 🙂


    1. Bob, thank you for sharing your desire for a reminder. When this was written, i too was in need. And it was strong enough to be the topic for that morning’s blog.

      God wastes nothing.

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