May we all find the balance

Disney Institute Keynote Speakers
Never imagined, nor dreamed of, being a professional speaker and executive coach. Never. Ever. Photo: 2014, Texas.


May i (may we all) find the balance between pushing myself versus pushing others.

When you push yourself, you are perceived by many to be ambitious and determined. You might also be perceived as inspiring (or a workaholic).

When you push others, you are being perceived by many to be condescending and judgemental. You might also be perceived as egotistical (or a meddler).

Find the balance.

i’ve spent a lifetime (including yesterday and today) identifying my blindspots, inconsistencies, and flaws.

There was a time when it was painful. Now i thrive on it.

Not everyone is in this place. Not everyone has a desire to ever go there.

Find the balance.

Surrender to the Universe and follow your heart, striving always to stay humble and kind.

Being perfectly imperfect, i continue to work hard to be an example and not a warning.

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