What do we pray for and how often?


Phillies dugout
That we may have a winning lineup and a winning season too?







What do we pray for?

And how often?

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  1. Jeff,

    You and I have talked about this before, but the thing that I pray for daily is for contentment in my circumstances and strength (that I personally don’t have, but He will have to give me) to make it through my circumstances.

    I admit my work situation is far from what I would desire, and I tell God that (if you can’t go to your Father and tell him your disappointments, who can you tell). But I ask Him to keep in my mind that I am a representative for Him in my workplace, and I work for Him.

    Notice I said I ask for that daily…because I daily need that help and reminder. And, if not, more often, because some days are tougher than others.


  2. Bob, feeling your challenge.

    (Sorry for delayed reply… long day in California)

    First thought that came to mind just now?

    Imagine being stranded on a deserted island.

    Do we spend our time waiting to be rescued? Or do we find ways to thrive in a fairly inhospitable environment that challenges us at every turn? Day and night.

  3. Bob, glad it made sense. And it may not seem so, yet the writing, replies, and responses… all from first hand experience… some of which could be happening in real time.

    Happy Saturday.

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