Why do prayers seem to take so long to be answered?

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Why do prayers seem to take so long to be answered?

And another question we humans might never consider.

Who are we as mere humans to even remotely begin to put (what we think are acceptable) time frames on how long it should take for our prayers to be answered?

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  1. Studying prayer with my religious Ed classes. We are praying for my friend Paul. He has a brain tumor and undergoing radiation.

    I read about a study on the power of prayer. The conclusion was people who are prayed for recover quicker even if they don’t know they are being prayed for. Have witnessed this with my dad. Spreading the love to Paul.

    My closing question to the class: How will we know our prayers are answered? Is it Paul’s restored health or something bigger?

  2. Patty – that is the deeper question. The assumption by many is that if the prayer doesn’t get answered in the way or in the time frame we want it, that it didn’t get answered. But like my pastor reminds us, a “no” answer or a “wait” answer is just as much an answer as a “yes” answer. Because, as you alluded to, the “something bigger” makes much more sense to God in his infinite wisdom for us than what we think makes sense in our finite wisdom.

    You are on target!


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