A Smile, A Sunset, A Pretty Flower – All Part Of God’s Grand Design To Remind Us To See Beauty In All Things

Only inches from the ground, on the top on an untraveled sand dune, a diamond.

God is everywhere. This is the very reason we see very little of God. We have gotten so used to His glorious beauty, we no longer see it as special, unique, compelling, abundant, free. As Boomers, it’s our responsibility to turn this around.

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By jeff noel

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  1. David, perfect message: Be still and know that I am God.
    Peace and abundant (but maybe not obvious) blessings to you and your Family today.
    Your presence here is a tremendous blessing (obvious to me, but maybe not to you).

  2. I think my abundant joy comes from remembering that God’s beauty is all around me. Never alone, I realize that God loves us so much that He left His fingerprints all over creation. The love of the Lord is in all that He has made, and that’s a good reason to smile today.

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