Entrepreneurial spirit

MPA 2015 Montreal Conference
Digital info board at Montreal conference salon (yesterday).


MPA 2015 Montreal Conference
Digital info board at conference salon constantly scrolling.


Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker
Closing “Disney” Keynote Speaker (yesterday).


MPA 2015 Montreal Conference
Conference salon with many booths.


Entrepreneurial spirit.




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By jeff noel

Internet's only five-a-day blogger, leaving a trail for our son. This is about putting the spirit of Love at the center of your life. It may be God, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Yahweh, etc. For me, it's Jesus.

6 replies on “Entrepreneurial spirit”

Thank you Bob. It’s fun to look back on. And as timing and karma would have it, i just returned from Memphis and another (standing ovation) keynote speech.

PS. Standing ovations are not the goal. Honoring my solemn responsibility to create a memorable keynote packed with world-class, transformational insight is the goal.

Thanks Donna. It was quite an experience. The jeans and t-shirt at the end was a first. Had wanted to do it at DI for about a decade, but always chickened out.

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