Heaven on Earth


Dear Son,

Your Grandfather’s birthday is today, May 19. He would have been 84.

You guys were two months away from meeting each other.

Our Summer trip to Pennsylvania was to be your first.

At less than a year old, you would never remember the meeting.

At the deepest depths of your Grandfather’s Alzheimers, he would never remember it either.

But he died on Good Friday.

Your Mom and i would have remembered the meeting and taken photos, but it never happened.

Another significant day today is…

World IBD Day is today.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is incurable.


Your dad leaves for Glacier 11 days from today.

You leave for Glacier in 14 days.

i spend 11 days there.

You get eight.

Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.


• • • • •

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