Isn’t It Remarkable How Many Doors In Life Are Left Unlocked?

More often than not, all we have to do is ask for a seat

How is your courage these days? Stronger than ever, about what it’s always been, or at an all time low? The beautiful thing about trying and failing is that we also succeed. Not every time, but often enough to see the pattern. You do see the correlation between risk and reward, right? The spirit is always willing, but the flesh (or the courage, in this example) is weak.

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  1. The day after my recent successful cancer surgery, I was told by the nursing staff I couldn’t go home until I had walked 3 times. Realizing that time was drawing near and my window to get it done was getting smaller, I put on my robe and with a little help from my wife (and a lot of help from God) I got up and headed down the hall at a risk pace that had everyone amazed.

    Was I showing off? Probably. But I also did it as an encouragement to others on the floor that it had to be done. The risk was great (falling, too weak to make it back) but the reward (coming home to warm family) was even greater!

  2. Jeff,

    Again, thanks. I have been batting around some things in my head off and on again that could require some risk (something that I admit doesn’t always come naturally to me unless my odds look good – guess I wouldn’t make a good gambler) and time (something else I don’t have a lot extra to spare right now). Please pray for me on this idea in my head about what to do.



  3. David, was your original intent to show off? Highly doubt it, because you weren’t even sure you could do it. Did you help encourage others (including your Family)? Undoubtedly.

  4. Bob, praying the serenity prayer for you.
    PS. I’ve also found it’s better to lose a battle to win the war. Not every battle needs to be won (a lesson that is always difficult to embrace).

  5. Jeff – thank you for your prayers and your words of encouragement by way of the battle analogy!

  6. Parenting comes to mind. Risky from the get-go! From childbirth and way on into adulthood, our hearts are at risk for loving our children. Ohhh, but the rewards are the greatest…

    When my oldest daughter was in her late teens, she was going through some awful adventures that affected the whole family. It was heart-breaking to see what she was doing to herself, and she didn’t really seem to care one way or the other what happened to her. She was full of anger and hatred towards me.

    Many people in our circle advised that we apply a “tough love” approach and essentially boot her out of the house. Even her father felt that was the “Biblical” way to love a confused and messed up teenager.

    I refused to listen to their pack of lies, and kept her in my sight at all times. On my knees with the Lord for her to be healed and restored. Today, she is one semester away from graduating from college with a major in Cultural Studies and a minor in Science — she has a job and her life is proof that risk has its own rewards. She considers me her best friend!

    Walking and talking evidence that God hears and answers our most heart-felt prayers!

  7. Natalie…! What raw honesty, emotion and victory. Congratulations….both for the courage to overcome those obstacles in your life and for the courage to share a personal glimpse today.

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