Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse

Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse

So easy to believe in Peace, Love and Mickey Mouse, isn’t it? Most American Baby Boomers have grown up loving Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney and everything The Disney Company stands for. Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel works desperately hard to love Faith, Hope and Love, God and Jesus disproportionately more.

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  1. And for the presence of the Holy Spirit to touch even the hardest of hearts and shed light in the toughest of problems.

    Before attending World Youth Day in 2008 I believed the Holy Spirit was a side kick of God the Father and His Son. But during that pilgrimage the true presence and fortitude of the third person in God was made clearer to me.

  2. Patty, glad to hear you have a new perspective on the Holy Spirit. To me, the Holy Spirit is the human being as God and visa versa. When we are at our humblest, we are to see Jesus in the face of others.

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