Remember, Only You Can Define What Great Is

So the man standing is not Rick Warren or Billy Graham

It was a beautiful Sunday evening as jeff noel watched with a humble heart two months ago on Clearwater Beach, Florida. The man standing preached the Gospel to a congregation of 13. Compared to Billy Graham, maybe not so great. Compared to no one else on the entire beach preaching the Gospel… great! Ya with me?

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  1. It took a couple days, but this post is finally sinking into me. Sometimes I feel sad that I don’t have a lot of views at my blog, and I wonder “does my writing even matter”… I have been known to internally compare my numbers to other bloggers who have lots of comments and followers….

    Thank you for reminding me that my particular audience of <40 is there not by accident or by their own whim but because there is a great and loving plan in place. For some reason, they are reading my unique stories, and just maybe, God is using me to reach their hearts.

  2. Natalie, this is a wonderful process that you are going through and discovering what’s important and what isn’t – and there’s fair evidence that this is a moving target as we journey through life.

    Maybe God is using you to help them. Maybe he is using them to help you. 🙂

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