Two thumbs up from Walt

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Envisioning Walt over there, giving two thumbs up. If you don’t know, two thumbs up is the highest compliment Walt bestowed to others as he walked the Park.

The opportunity to put Disney on my resume first appeared in 1981. At that time, was a fifth-year senior. The Walt Disney World College Program came to West Chester University on a recruiting trip. Serendipitously became aware of their presentation, attended, and signed up for an interview. With no idea what i wanted to be when i grew up, instinctively felt “Disney” on the resume would be a competitive advantage for some future entry-level job somewhere in the USA.

Two months later, an acceptance letter arrived.

Note: January 25, 1982 is official hire date. In 1982, Magic Kingdom College Program (MKCP) preceded the Walt Disney World College Program.

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