September 2009

Blessed Passing

Have been following a friend’s recent journey with cancer. Her brother-in-law, who lives with her and her husband, was recently diagnosed with cancer – seems like less than a month ago.

Waking at 3:30AM this morning, with coffee in hand, fired up the laptops for the morning routine. Checked several social media “Favorites”, including Facebook.

My friend posted this update regarding her beloved brother-in-law: “He walked softly out the door with Jesus a few minutes ago”.

Moments like these are constant reminders that life is fragile, and an incomprehensible gift.

That life is painfully challenging and gloriously wonderful.

By jeff noel

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3 replies on “Blessed Passing”

Dear Jeff,

Know that I am keeping your friends’ families in my prayers, as they seek God’s comfort during the losses detailed in your past couple of postings. I am also praying for you, as I can tell these moments have touched you deeply.

May God wrap His arms around all of you and show you the consolation found in His love.


While I feel for your friend & her family, all I can do, when reading her update, is smile.

It’s so subtle and joyful for him.

Lord bless them all. =)

Bob and Craig, my friends, thank you for your support. These things do have the power of the Holy Spirit to impact us in significant ways, but only if we are able to listen.

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