Can A Haircut Be “Spiritual”?

Got a haircut at Sport Clips yesterday. For 30 years my wife has cut my hair, since we first met at West Chester University. During those college years, she only needed to do it twice a year.

In today’s corporate world, it’s at least once a month. Our lives are like most working families. Fast-paced. Busy. Hectic. Becky, the store manager, and Andrea my stylist, were exceptional.

Andrea and I used to work together at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa as Concierge Cast Members. Becky and I had met at a conference earlier in the year. Small World after all, eh?

They made me feel like a rock star. Isn’t that what great businesses do?

About a month ago, at my last visit, Joy cut my hair. I wrote a blog post about the experience. Becky spoke about that post and the impact it had.

Funny thing, everyday, I think I’m just writing simple blog posts. And everyday, they think they’re simply giving haircuts. Maybe, in both cases, it’s actually much more to the customer than we think.

By jeff noel

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